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Published: 15th August 2011
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There are several effective ways to drive traffic to your website and boost your ranking page. But if you want something that is very cost effective, I would recommend article marketing. I use it for years (since I started doing business online), and I can say that it really worth the efforts and energy if you are not familiar with the term, let me explain it to you first. It is an Internet Marketing strategy, where you write and distribute articles to ezine, directories and blogs: The objective is to educate your readers, when you are trying to establish your experience in your field, at the same time. You can use the anchor text and links in your author box, so that interested parties can simply click on the links, and they will be directed to your sales page or web site: This will help you boost your web traffic and ultimately your sales.

Below are the steps that you need at a time when doing the marketing. Follow this religion and I can guarantee that you will enjoy increased traffic to your website in no time all:

Choose your topics wisely. Do not waste your time writing, themes that will serve your purpose: To attract the right kind of audience focus on topics related to your niche and product that you sell make sure that your topics are interesting and useful to your target audience . If you sell diet programs, for example, it is wise, if you stick with topics that are related to losing weight and staying fit. These kinds of topics will stimulate you to showcase your knowledge of your industry and will help you attract the attention of people who are most likely to buy from you.

Produce high-quality articles to make a conscious effort to exercise each of your articles are great. Always remind yourself that your articles will introduce you and your online business arena, so you better make sure that they leave a positive impression on your readers: They should be well written, very informative, interesting to read, unique, and just this point .

Use this attractive resource. Resource box or author box is where you can talk about your product, you and your website. This is also the place where you insert your site's URL: Make it attractive so that you can convince more people to it. Higher clickthrough rate will be automatically means a higher page views and opportunities to make sales.

Distribute your articles. List below the most popular directories and blogs that are relevant topics for your articles. These are the best places to submit your articles for you to receive such disclosure is necessary for your site. Depending on your selected sites using your articles are published online in 7-15 business days.

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